What we’re doing to protect you and our team…


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We can’t wait to help you create your beautiful hair and makeup looks, and we're doing so following the latest government advice. Therefore, we’ve changed a few things to ensure we do this as safely as possible.


Here are a few things we’re doing to protect you and us...

  • We already sterilise our brushes and clean our products between and during visiting our clients, but we will be taking extra care to do so with consistent and conscientious regularity.

  • We will be sanitising/washing our hands and equipment before and after completing your hair and makeup look.

  • Our team will be wearing protective face masks. These will be replaced or cleaned between each client.

  • We ask that you minimise additional people in the room during your hair and makeup trial. If you wish to have someone around to give their opinion, of course that is okay..

  • During your hair and makeup, we ask for there to be windows open in the room.

  • On your wedding day, anyone not having their hair and makeup at that moment will need to social distance from our team. Even if they are also having their hair and makeup completed on that day.

  • We will also require you to inform us as soon as possible if 2 weeks before or after having your hair and makeup done you have any of the coronavirus symptoms stated on the NHS website. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms/

  • Please clean and sanitise the area we will be completing your hair and makeup in before we arrive for your trial.

  • We will require you to wash or sanitise your hands before having your hair and makeup done, and if you're having your hair styled we ask that you wash and blow dry your hair before we arrive.

  • If government guidelines change we may need to adjust the above before this page has been updated, we thank you for making allowances for this. 


Thank you.